Innate Intelligence

“Intelligence is present everywhere in our bodies.  Our own inner intelligence is far superior to any we can try to substitute from the outside.”
Deepak Chopra M.D.

It is this quote  that so clearly defines chiropractic.  The entire premise and philosophy that is the very foundation of chiropractic states that there is an innate intelligence inherent within us.  It is that intelligence that can take one tiny cell and create a 6 pound baby.  It is that intelligence that automatically regulates our blood pressure, our breathing, pumps our heart about 100,000 times a day, and manages the simple-yet-profound healing of a cut.  It is that same intelligence that we often call intuition, as it is responsible for directing our movements, and often our choices.

This intelligence is expressed in our bodies via our nervous system.  It is this nervous system that tells the muscles to move, digestion to occur, sugar to be turned into fuel, regulates our immune function, and most everything that occurs within us…thus dramatically affecting that which occurs outside of us.

For example, it is our nervous system that tells our body to release adrenalin when we are confronted with a life-threatening event.  Adrenaline is life-saving.  But what occurs when the body produces too much…and why would it do so?

When an individual is under extreme amounts of stress, or lacks the skills to cope with any amount of stress, it is possible for a body to become habituated.  Habituation in the nervous system means that the body is so used to pumping out incredible and excessive amounts of adrenalin in order to insure the person’s survival, that even when the stress is removed, it is possible for the nervous system to continue to pour this adrenalin into the body.  Left unchecked, this can then lead to discomfort and/or dis-ease.

The role of chiropractic care is to balance the nervous system, freeing the spine and nerves, allowing the intelligence within to function optimally.  This translates into ease in the body, and a greater expression of one’s self.  With this ease and freedom, the body’s remarkable self-healing properties function optimally and we as beings get to enjoy the life we were put on earth to express.

It was the profound realization of Dr. Chopra that I experienced but a few years ago, having exhausted all medical means to treat symptoms from the outside in.  No traditional medicine was able to “cure” the incredible pain that forced me to the emergency room every three weeks and the morphine drip I was placed on.  It was my own body, the wisdom within – freed through a chiropractic adjustment – that allowed the healing to take place.  I will be forever grateful for that life-changing event, and my intent is for each person to experience fully the beauty, power and wisdom of their own innate intelligence.