What you are saying . . .

“I feel like I have my life back. In terms of mobility, I was at a 2, and now [after one adjustment with the ABC technique] I’m at a 9.”

– Rachel Gasner, owner of Yoga Pod LoDo

“My dog, Maggie, was diagnosed with advanced hip dysplasia. She was limping badly and had low energy. Our vet asked us if we would like to consider hip replacement surgery – which made no sense for a middle aged dog.

Our naturopath suggested we try Boulder Sol Chiropractic for palliative support only. After three adjustments, Maggie was walking without a limp. After four adjustments, we moved to a longer schedule. They suggested we supplemented the chiropractic adjustments with dietary changes and acupuncture.

Maggie now walks and runs regulary and apparenly without pain. We continue to visit Boulder Sol Chiropractic every five to six weeks. This changed our dogs life!”

– Maggie’s Parents

“I was referred to Boulder Sol Chiropractic by Anna Anderson, a work colleague of my wife and fellow CrossFitter.  My initial consultation was for my 11 yr old Boxer, Sable who is suffering from suspected Canine degenerative myelopathy.  She was diagnosed in March of 2010 and I knew it was progressive and was going to become more of a problem for her to get around.  As of December 2010 she was having more difficulty with her Left hind leg and use was diminishing quickly.  In January of this year, I met Dr. Jason and introduced him to Sable.  During her first treatment, Dr. Jason determined that she was suffering from Double Subluxation in her neck and low back.  After her first treatment, she immediately starting showing signs of use and mobility.  It has been 5 months of treatments and she is still active and maintains a quality of life she otherwise would not of had.  Although she has diminished a little further, she is still a happy 11 yr old boxer thanks to the wonderful care of Dr. Jason Orowitz.


After a few weeks of treatments for Sable, I received a treatment as well.  For the past 4 months, Sable and I have enjoyed the care at Boulder Sol.  I have a long history of chiropractic experience and feel that it is a critical component of health and longevity.  As a CrossFit coach and fitness enthusiast, I strongly believe that the benefits of chiropractic care in conjunction with proper nutrition and a structured strength and conditioning program are essential to maintaining a positive healthy lifestyle.

I highly recommend Dr. Jason Orowitz and the team at Boulder Sol Chiropractic.  The attitude, knowledge and experience coupled with passion and friendship are what make Boulder Sol such a wonderful place.

Thank you for the care you have given Sable, her treatments have not only extended her life but have improved her quality of life as well.”

– Tom (Sable’s Dad)


“Dr. Jason has been a godsend for our entire family, two and four legged alike.

We found Dr. Jason when our German Shepherd had hurt his back when he slipped on an icy patch in the backyard and started having problems going up and down the stairs.  After the first treatment he was vastly improved in his mobility and he clearly felt better, running around like an excited puppy.

It wasn’t long before I brought the entire family in to be treated.  My husband had a numb spot on his thigh that had been previously diagnosed as a pinched nerve.  After only a few treatments he regained a significant amount of feeling.

I cannot say enough in praise of Dr. Jason and everyone at Boulder Sol.”

– Desiree


“Hunter loves to go to the office and get adjusted, & I can tell he feels better and moves better afterward.”

– Jennifer (Hunter’s Mom)

“I am an energy healer and holistic therapist and have tried many different orientations of Chiropractic and this by far is the best. It helps me bring in deep body alignment and the energy of high vibrational consciousness of source, god, and wholeness.”

– John

“Starting in 2009, I got really bad stomach issues. That summer I got to throwing up 18-20 times in 24 hours. I’ve tried medicines and had every test you can think of. In the winter of 2010 I started feeling better and was back in school but I was still throwing up 1-2 times in 24 hours and then I started having lower back pain (possibly from being hunched over all the time) and went to get my back adjusted. I was really scared because I had had a bad experience with chiropractic work on my neck when I was 12, but after a few adjustments and physical therapy sessions I felt better and I have now stopped throwing up completely for the first time in 2 years. I’m so thankful!

ps. even though I was scared, nothing hurt and I felt like I could just trust that it was going to help me!”

– Emily