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We offer principled care from professional chiropractors for the entire family . . . even the four-legged ones!

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At Boulder Sol Chiropractic, we exist to make a positive contribution in the lives of people, by facilitating greater expression and experience of Light in their lives, which is Life in the body.

Life, which is Light, is the essence of what sustains us, from the moment of conception until our last breath. It is Life that creates, recreates, adapts and allows for well being and healing within us.

The Nerve System is the medium used for the transfer of vital information essential for all Human Works, from body functions to emotions, creativity, performance, and spiritual expression. This “Innernet” is our link between the inner and outer world. By far, this is the most efficient, specialized, sophisticated, complex and delicate biological information highway known to humanity.

The ” Innernet ” consist of the brain, the spinal cord, the nerves and the dazzling array of neurotransmitters. The extensiveness of the Nerve System is such that it is impossible to determine where the brain ends and where the body begins.A free flow in communication enhances one’s ability to express, develop and experience Life fully. Wellbeing, increased performance and greater personal expression are the natural by-products.

Chiropractor adjustments free up Life Force. This allows every individual – whether a newborn, an athlete, or a grandparent, to enjoy more Life. This deepens everyone’s potential to heal biologically and at the core.

Due to greater Life Force flow, all areas of a person’s Life improves. In some physical, emotional or mental challenges may clear up quickly. For others, the process is slower, and in some, it is partial or not at all. Everyone, however, will benefit on some level from greater Life expression.

Chiropractic is not a substitute, an alternative, or a preventative form of medicine. Chiropractic specializes in the expression of Life, wellness, healing and well being. In contrast, medicine specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of symptoms, sickness and disease.

It is not Boulder Sol Chiropractic’s goal or intention to diagnose, treat or attempt to cure any physical, mental, or emotional ailments, or to give advice about medical conditions. If while being served you become concerned about symptoms or conditions, we suggest you seek the help of a symptom, sickness and disease care professional. Whether it be back pain, or a herniated disc.

Our primary goal is to release Light, which is Life,  in the body.

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