” For several years now, my body has been a hazy mess of tension, aches, pains and unpleasant sensations. It has been difficult to feel positive about life when bound to that experience. Since Jason began adjusting me, those daily problems have become rarities. I feel liberated and it is a true relief to have my body feeling good again.  “

Connie Clark


” I cannot thank you enough for helping my dog Tej! With his adjustments he’s a new man. As a hunting dog, it’s crucial that his body is at it’s best. After our visits with you, he runs and hunts harder because his body feels great. Thank you for helping my Tej to be his best.”

James R.


” Chiropractic treatment with Dr. Jason is amazing. I always appreciate how educated, professional, and practical Jason is with his practice. Boulder Sol’s office is clean, comfortable, and calming. My visits are extremely effective in promoting a health body and mind. I was one of Jason’s first handful clients in Boulder, and his practice has grown so much since then; I know this is because of how much Jason personally invests himself to ensure his clients are getting exactly what they need.
Whether you’re looking for help to recover from an accident, treating an existing condition, or just looking to improve your health and well-being; Jason is always excited to help you no matter what reasons you have for seeking his professional care.
His veterinary chiropractic practice is stunningly effective as well. Having Jason help your dog or horse is certainly less expensive than traditional veterinary care, and the benefits are more than just “spine-deep.”
It’s amazing how well your body (or your pet’s/horse’s body) heals itself when your spine is healthy! It doesn’t just make you feel good, Jason’s care can really make a difference in all aspects of your health. “

Steven H.


” I’ve never been a huge believer in treating my body to practitioners of subtle healing arts like chiropractic or massage. I knew Jason from a fitness class and liked him, but never saw what he could do for me. This changed when I developed a condition in my neck that was so painful I could move my head to the left without searing pain. Within two treatments, Jason completely resolved the issue. I know rank among the converted. “

John L.

” When our sweet dog Buff was 11 years old, we thought our days with her were numbered. She limped form an old injury, her chest, neck, and spine were tight and she moved around less and less. We started seeing Jason and within a few months bluff was moving with greater and greater ease. We continued to see results, she held less tension in her body, she started to get up for walks and she seemed less stressed. She was clearly a happier dog and began to play with other dogs again. Two years have passed and everyone who meets Bluff thinks she’s a puppy! Thanks Jason!”

Miranda B.

“Jason helped give our puppy his life back!
Our Leo was the runt of the litter and was rescued with his mom and two brothers off the streets of Texas. The vets believe that he lacked sufficient nutrients which caused moderate to severe hip dysplasia, leaving him lame most days at only 8 months old. After Leo’s first visit with Jason, back in October of last year, I left feeling hopeful for Leo’s future, full of knowledge about how I can help him in between visits, and my many questions about hip dysplasia, answered.
I could breathe again.
Leo is now 16 months old and between Jason’s incredible help and guidance, and switching Leo to a whole foods diet, his hips are tighter, the muscles in his back legs are developed, and few dogs are prouder of how much they’ve improved and how fast they are now, than sweet Leo. He can finally keep up with his brother, Koda, a Rhodesian Ridgeback/pitty/boxer mix. Leo is a Shiba Inu mix. They are my hearts and Jason helped mend it. I am forever grateful for what he has done and continues to do, his kindness, his patience, and his very calm, but “I’ve got you” energy with the dogs. “
Kathleen V.

“My husband and I were referred to Dr. Orowitz by my vet after our miniature pincher had a bad fall. The vet hospital wanted to do spinal surgery and said she might never walk again. That’s when we took Roxy to Dr. Orowitz and after three sessions she was back to her energetic self and was walking again. We are so beyond grateful to find Dr. Orowitz because he saved our dogs life. “

Jill and Jerry V.

” After seeing Jason I have noticed a marked difference in many areas of my life and body. After my first visit I was sleeping peacefully through the night. I have 90% less headaches, my jaw clenching has reduced dramatically,  my hips don’t click when I walk, I have more energy and I have not had any anxiety attacks. If there is a chiropractor who is aware of what is happening in the body and understands how to properly manipulate it, it would be Jason. Thanks so much man! “

Clive W.

” Jason is the real deal. His treatments have helped me to maintain my workout routine and energy levels. He’s also worked with my orthodontist to correct some jaw alignment issues. He has been an advocate for me and my well-being and I am a customer for life! “

Vanessa E.