A Statement of Clinical Objective

Our purpose in sharing with you this statement of clinical objective is to clearly define my approach to Chiropractic, to healing and to those we serve in this office. We wish to have clear communication about both our responsibilities in this exciting relationship.

The following concepts are central to the way in which we practice Chiropractic and we are pleased to share these ideas with you so that we can be in alignment of purpose at the very beginning.

  • There is an intelligence within each individual, which not only keeps that person alive, but also animates, coordinates, repairs, renews, empowers and heals.
  • The nervous system is the main coordinating system and distribution center for this innate intelligence.
  • Alteration in the shape, position, tone, or tension of then nervous system, (especially at the spine) will block, inhibit, or redirect the expression of this intelligence.
  • The sole purpose of the Chiropractic Adjustment in this office is to bring more ease into the body and empowering a greater communication of each person’s self-healing power.
  • Everyone, in spite of specific symptoms or ailments, can benefit from a nervous system which is more flexible, elastic, and more adaptable to life’s stresses.
  • The innate intelligence, through the functioning of the nervous system, is the true agent of healing, empowerment, coordination, inspiration, movement, and joy. Healing is an inside job, coordinated by the same power that develops and renews your body.
  • By their very intent, various forms of treatments may interfere with the functioning of the nervous system and are often incompatible with maximizing the benefits of chiropractic adjustments. This may include drugs such as pain reducers, muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatory compounds, and mood altering medications.
  • We will not venture into the practice of medicine by advising about the need for reduction of such medications. We suggest you speak with your physician to determine the objective and goal to be obtained by receiving the medical treatment. Determine if this is consistent with your desire for wellness at this point in time. Your physician may guide you in changing any medication or treatments you are presently taking to accommodate for your changing body-mind.
  • Consistent with these concepts, we choose to help each individual member of our practice experience a greater level of wellness, flexibility, personal growth, empowerment, and healing by locating and adjusting areas of stored tension and potential energy with whichever force application appears most honoring to that individual at that time.

If you are happy with your care, please send your family and friends to Boulder Sol. We work solely on a referral basis and appreciate your business.